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Pure Heat for Natural Beauty !

Natural beauty is the beauty that we are born with, it is not caused by artificial procedures It is like an art which is in the eye of the beholder. Pure heat is a source of energy causing high temperature without any extraneous and unnecessary elements.

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How does Tixel work?

The pyramids touch triggers a wound-and-heal response, stimmulating the fibroblasts, producing huge collagen and elastin, softenning lines and restoring the thickness. After one month the skin on face, neck, chest or hand looks smoother, and definitely tauter, and even sun damage is lessened. Almost all areas and even darker skin type can receive Tixel painless treatment.

Tixel controls the treatment

Tixel can perform either ablative, semi-ablative or non-ablative treatments. The extent of thermal damage generated is closely related to the choice of the protrusion and pulse duration. By adjusting treatment parameters, the physician can control the extent of ablation, the thermal effect, downtime and duration of healing.


Energy Type Natural heat, w/o radiation or radio waves
 Tip Material Titanium surface
Tip Coverage Area 1 cm 2
 System Weight 5 Kg
 Handpiece Weight 330 grams
 System Dimensions L48 x W41 x H48 (cm)
Operating Voltage 240-100 VAC     %10 ± 2.5A 60/50Hz
 Operating Power Up to 300 W
 Working Temperature 400 ° C (15-°C/5+°C)

Pulse Duration (Double Pulse is enable between 8 to 12 ms)

18-5 ms (1±ms)(possible durations : 5,6,8,10,12,14,16,18)

Pulse Protrusion 1000-100 µm, intervals of 100 µm
Micropore Dimensions From 100 x 100 µm to 300 x 300 µm (WxD)