What people are saying

"As a Medical Spa owner, I can say with confidence that working with Dr. Arash and acquiring the Plexr Plasma is one of the best investments for my practice. Dr. Arash flew out from California and spent the whole day with our staff training and sharing his knowledge, expertise, and techniques with us. He is extremely knowledgeable and is an expert in Aesthetics medicine. If you are considering plasma type treatments in your practice, I highly recommend the Plexr Plasma. Dr Arash and his staff are extremely helpful, responsive, and and supportive. My experience has amazing."
Hedieh Jafari
"WOW! I can’t say enough about how responsive Dr. Ash and his team are with assisting and answering all my questions. The training was AMAZING! Thank you for giving me more confidence with the Plexr and Threads."
Suzanne Blades
"We have both the Plexr Plus and HDPDO threads and the training was great, very thorough! Dr. Ash is there for questions even after. We have had them for a couple of months now and are getting great results."
Maryclare Galarza
"Med Results offers personal training for HDPDO Threads & Plexr Plasma Treatments. They have always been there to support me with any questions or concerns over the last two years. They have really added to my business and I am so grateful. Love Mari in the office too!"
Susan Jennings
"Love the most up to date devices they offer. Great training of plasma machine and I personally like the Plexr shower. My clients love the results too! They also have great products to chose from. I highly recommend giving this machine a try, it’s a game changer."
Sona Markosyan
“Dr. Ash was great! Fun to talk to, and very informative. I enjoyed learning from him and feel much more comfortable now using Plexr.”
Cooper Feick