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Who We Are

At Med Results, we are dedicated to providing innovative solutions in the aesthetic industry by bringing high-class products and technologies to your fingertips. We are the manufacturers of new technologies like Higgs, designed for feminine rejuvenation, and the Italian-made HDpdo threads. We also offer many threading procedures such as Eye 360 and Happy Lips that will make anybody believe that beauty is not dependent on youth, nature, or age. Our amazing team at Med Results is committed to bringing the technologies of the future into your hands today. We promise to upgrade your perception of results, because we believe Results Matter!

MR Academy

Knowledge is power and the Med Results (MR) Academy is designed to empower you! MR Academy delivers the next era in aesthetic training based on a unique combination of innovative technologies, clinical indication-based lessons, and proven results. Offering workshops in both public and private settings, MR Academy delivers high-class training for medical and aesthetic professionals around the US. Join us at our next MR Academy to master these new techniques and deliver results that matter!


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