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At Med Results we are dedicated to innovative solutions in the aesthetic industry, bringing high-class products and technologies to your fingertips. We manufacture new technologies, Higgs, for feminine rejuvenation, and are the US supplier of ASsufil threads, produced in Italy by Promoitalia. These unique, absorbable, High Density (HD) PDO threads, create an unparalleled lifting appearance. Med Results also supplies the new Platinum Collection, also developed by Promoitalia, the complete collection consists of 12 exceptional Face and Body formulas created to give you natural and long-term results. The Med Results team is committed to bring the future you, into the present. Our Eye 360, Happy Lips, and other thread lifting procedures will make anyone believe beauty is not dependent on youth, nature, or age. We promise to upgrade your perception of results, because we believe, Results Matter!

Stop by and see Med Results 2019 surprise! Plexr, a non-surgical alternative to Blepharoplasty!



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