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Discover revolutionary plasma technology and its transformative capabilities in the field of non-invasive aesthetic treatments and skin rejuvenation. Our webinars are designed to provide you with in-depth knowledge and understanding as well as practical insights to elevate your practice and boost revenue.

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Innovative Technology:
Learn about Plexr's cutting-edge plasma technology that offers non-invasive skin rejuvenation, treating various skin concerns without surgery.
Comprehensive Treatment Protocols:
Discover a range of upgrade procedures designed to enhance your practice's offerings and improve patient outcomes.
Revenue Boosting Strategies:
Gain insights into how to effectively integrate these procedures into your practice to attract more clients and increase profitability.
Expert Guidance and Best Practices:
Learn from industry-leading professionals as they share their expertise on optimizing treatment protocols for maximum impact.
Interactive Q&A Session:
Engage directly with the experts to deepen your understanding of Plexr techniques and their application in aesthetic medicine.

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Let’s Get Intimate!
Non-Surgical Plexr Labiaplasty: featuring Allie Ballew & Jerry Drinkard

Join us on July 16 for an intimate webinar featuring Allie Ballew and Jerry Drinkard, both highly experienced Nurse Practitioners and beloved trainers for Empire Medical Training. Together they will unveil how the non-surgical labiaplasty solution can expand your service offerings and boost your bottom line. Discover why more women are choosing this innovative procedure and learn how to seamlessly integrate sexual health procedures into your med spa or clinic.

Allie and Jerry will also demonstrate the science behind Plexr, showcase impressive before-and-after results, and reveal strategies to market this unique treatment. Whether you’re looking to diversify your services or maximize your existing Plexr device, this webinar is your key to tapping into the lucrative field of non-invasive intimate aesthetics. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your practice and meet growing patient demand!


Allie Ballew

Allie Ballew

With over six years of experience as a critical care nurse, Allie is a highly skilled and detail-oriented healthcare professional. She has always had a keen eye for aesthetics and derives great satisfaction from helping clients achieve their desired look and feel their best.
Jerry Drinkards

Jerry Drinkards

a renowned advanced registered nurse practitioner with over 30 years of experience in the medical field. He specializes in aesthetic and anti-aging medicine, providing top-of-the-line treatments to help his clients look and feel their best.

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Med Results is a medical manufacturing firm for products and technologies in feminine health and wellness and regularly conducts clinical workshops. Med Results services 200 medical spas across the United States. Its flagship product, the revolutionary PLEXR Plus, an FDA-cleared medical plasma generator, is widely regarded as the leading cutting-edge solution that is transforming practices globally.